1. Player must click the “Join” button before start the mission.
  2. Player only can participate in one mission at the same time.
  3. If player failed to complete within the time limit, the system will show as mission failed automatically.
  4. Player can click the “Claim” button after finished the mission, the bonus will deposit into players’ account.
  5. During the promotion period, player can accumulate the winning streak by betting on “Banker” or “Player” in all the Live Dealer and RNG Baccarat tables. The other betting area will not affect the calculation on winning streak.
  6. If the gamming result is “Tie” on baccarat, this result will not be counted on winning streak.
  7. When the number of participants reaches the maximum, player must wait for the mission to fail or give up before they can participate.
  8. The redemption time is 7 days, overdue is invalid.
  9. The betting record generated by the SMART BET SYSTEM will not be courted in this promotion.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This promotion is sponsored by n2-LIVE.
  2. This promotion is applicable for all versions of n2-LIVE, including Web and Mobile.
  3. This promotion is only applicable to unique player ID, unique computer, unique address and unique IP address. Otherwise, it will be disqualified without prior notice.
  4. Related player accounts cannot be repeatedly used to participate in this promotion. If any of the player/group/organization conducts dishonest manners, includes but not limited to hedge betting, counterfeit information, fraudulent activities, collusive cheating, etc., the system will automatically cancel the qualification without prior notice.
  5. n2-LIVE reserves the right at its reasonable discretion to terminate or amend the promotion details. Any changes to the above terms and conditions can be made at any times without prior notice.
  6. n2-LIVE reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions.
  7. Any discrepancy in the interpretation of the meaning of the text, the Chinese version shall prevail.